June 14 to August 8 2017

Featuring the original art works of Suzanne Barton, Arturo Samamiego, and Anna Stratton in the Great House.

UNDER WATER Art Opening and Reception

Meet the artists and view their work.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Wednesday, July 12, 2017
6-9pm FREE to the public

Enjoy an evening of Art and Nature unique to SWFL on the lush botanical grounds of Shangri-La Springs in Bonita Springs.

The Historic Shangri-La Springs monthly Art & Nature night will guide you through a multi-media artistic experience unique to South West Florida. If you have not visited this beautifully-preserved piece of old Florida, the free community night on the second Wednesday of the month from 6pm-9pm is a great time to go. You will be awed as you walk into the circa 1921 Great House with live Baby Grand Piano, double bass and percussion. A featured live artist swirls colors to the music as patrons head to the organic wine bar, with beer supplied by the local brewery Momentum, take in the scene sip by sip. A glide into the art gallery dining room and guests are invited to an organic dinner with a wall of windows overlooking the giant Mysore fig tree in the courtyard. A walk outside and you will be mesmerized by the Paper Grotto Theatre, LIGHT Performances Art Series with well-known artist Juan Diaz, and Emmy Award-winning Kat Epple on flute. You will be guided to the Longhouse by the music of Debo on the Hammered Dulcimer as she entertains the room full of interactive artists including Jane Portaluppi Durand who works on her latest masterpiece in the form of sidewalk chalk art, live pottery making, live poetry and book binding. In the Spa, guests receive free mini spa treatments. A step into the newly-renovated Octagon and you can partake in free community yoga and other classes throughout the night. As you enjoy the acres of verdant landscape you will be happy you brought along your drum so you can join in the community drumming circle which welcomes all levels and ages. You cannot possibly experience it all so come back monthly as this night will continue to amaze and highlight this historic property and all it has to offer the community. For information call the gift shop at (239) 949-0749

Please Note

Event festivities advertised may vary from time to time due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you.

Shangri-La Springs is a pet-friendly venue but due to limited space in the main house, pets are limited to the outside grounds and deck.


LIGHT Performances Art Series

LIGHT Performances Art Series with well-known artist Juan Diaz

The LIGHT Performances Art Series is my invitation to Live the CREATIVE PROCESS without any interruptions. The piece tells a story by unpredictable FLOWING COLOR, that Transforms as the Sounds and Lights alter. All in one metamorphose.

More info:
Juan Diaz

Paper Grotto

Paper Grotto LIVE...

is a Video, Dance and Music performance inside a giant paper sculpture set. The performers appear and disappear inside the sculpture installation as it is built from the inside out. The video projection on sculpture and dance creates a mesmerizing look into a hyper-real "living painting".
Press Release [PDF]

Performances of both LIGHT and PAPER GROTTO start at dusk.

About the UNDER WATER featured artists

Suzanne Barton

Suzanne Barton

My preferential interest, as an artist, is creativity through Photographic Art. Although I am looking through a lens, it is what I see "intuitively" that controls the "decisive moment" of the shutter release. I am an "old school photographer" who has embraced the digital era and it's tools to create unique combinations of color, design and imagination!

My "Tiny Dancer Underwater Art Series" began as a yearning to experience underwater photography. The grace and fluidity of movement, the soothing quiet and calm beneath the surface, along with the weightless suspension, as my subject floated to the surface, left me transformed. I witnessed the perfect communion between a dancer's heart and the "inspirational wisdom of water": "Water takes the form in which it is held and moves in the path of least resistance."

Water is vital to life as we know it-without it, no life exists. It supports us in the womb, it energizes, purifies and cleanses. It symbolizes life, clarity, growth, illumination and transformation. I celebrate IT'S beauty as a gentle reminder to all, that WE are the caretakers of this precious life force.

The "Tiny Dancer" Series is committed to Aluminum by Archival Dye-Sublimation then hand embellished with reflective materials and resin to bring the pieces to life.

Learn More @ suzannebarton.com

Arturo Samamiego

Arturo Samamiego

I believe great Art requires Creativity and inspiration, but also a high level of Craftsmanship. For this reason, throughout my career, I have strived for a refined technique that becomes the instrument of a personal artistic language.

The Sea has been a recurring theme in my paintings of the last few years, for many reasons: Its great beauty and mistery, its metaphorical representation of life itself, enveloping and nurturing on the surface, but also unpredictable and treacherous like the currents and surf that inhabit it.

My work is currently displayed in galleries accross the United States, including Mary Martin Gallery of Naples, Fl and in Charleston, SC. I have had solo and group shows in New York, Miami, and Austin, among many others.

My paintings are in private collections around the world, and have been featured in many prestigious publications such as International Artist Magazine, Juxtapoze, Manifest Galllery International Painting Annual, Studio Visit Magazine, The ArtList Editors, etc.

Learn More @ samaniegoart.com

Anna Stratton

Anna Stratton

Anna is a lover of life, food, and ice cream. She is an FGCU Alumni and her lifelong goal is to change the world. She seems to have an unlimited amount of energy, laughs all the time and her eyes disappear when she smiles.





No outside photography, food or drinks permitted on the property. Applies to all events.

Be Amazed

JUNSEP20 Art Show

JUNSEP20 Art Show

Taylord Dezeme will have his original work on display at Shangri-La Springs from June through September 2020.

MARAPR20 Art Show

MARAPR20 Art Show

Dennis Goodman will have his original photographs on display at Shangri-La Springs from March 1 through April 30 2020. Meet the artist at our Art & Soul Community Night on Wednesday March 11 2020 — 5 to 8:30pm.

JANFEB20 Art Show

JANFEB20 Art Show

Artist Janis McCracken will have her original work on display at Shangri-La Springs from January 1 through February 29 2020. Meet the artist at our Art & Soul Community Night on Wednesday January 8 2020 — 6 to 10pm.

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