Vision Statement

For decades, Shangri-La Springs has been a nexus of therapeutic practices, activities and engagement. Worldwide travelers have been drawn to this verdant and vibrant sanctuary which provides the foundation for the comforting architectural features and vitality-centered activities taking place.

Shangri-La will continue this tradition through its stately facilities, including its full service organic health and beauty spa, Harvest & Wisdom our organic restaurant, inspiring event spaces and tranquil program hall.

Through its certified-organic gardens and orchard, it provides a welcomed garden-to-table culinary experience. Shangri-La Springs will continue to benefit local organic providers to the delight and well-being of its guests. Nutritional awareness is complemented by social and aesthetic values.

With art shows, events, program activities and overnight retreats, Shangri-La begins a new era where people, art and nature converge to soothe the soul.

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Welcome to Shangri-La Springs

A Blue Zones Project recognized organization


A Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association’s Seal of Commitment for Safety and Sanitation organization