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Eyes Wide Open: Our Blog

Following the path of our roots, Shangri-La Springs continues as a center for vitality through healing arts and nature. We integrate this tradition into everything that we currently offer. This blog is a curated collection of educational and informative articles on health, wellness, press releases, and other topics of interest.

Education & Resources

If you have never taken a yoga class and want to understand more about meditation, reiki circles and other holistic wellness practices and their benefits, we can recommend the following educational articles and websites with great information. Expand your mind, Improve your Life!

Shangri-La Springs in the News

Information, reviews, images and online news articles involving Shangri-La Springs, Harvest & Wisdom our organic restaurant, The Spa, our certified organic garden and our incredible wedding spaces.

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Our media kit is a downloadable zip file that contains our official logos in multiple formats for promotional use by the press and others affiliated with Shangri-La Springs. File size is 2.82MB.

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Shangri-La Springs in Pictures

Shangri-La Springs is a visual wonderland of ancient trees, verdant greenery, historic spaces and breath-taking views. We're pleased to offer you a peek inside our world.


Shangri-La Springs documents published online in PDF format include such things as our Wedding Brochure, Preferred Vendor List, Property Brochure and our Spa Services menu, among other documents of interest.

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Informational video footage of Shangri-La Springs featuring a History of Shangri-La produced by the Bonita Springs Historical Society.

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