October 7 to November 25 – 2015

Featuring the Fine art works of Ed Takacs, Christine Reichow and Leigh Herndon.

WILD LIFE Art Opening and Reception

Meet the artists and view their work.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Wednesday, November 4, 2015
6-9pm FREE to the public

Enjoy the festivities in celebration of "WILD LIFE"
—Live Street Chalk Art by Jane Portaluppi Durand
—Live Music by Alchymie
—Community Drumming Circle - bring your drums, shakers and hula hoops!
—Community Yoga for the whole family
—Light snacks and drinks available
—Beer and Wine Bar
—Trunk Jewelry Show
—Henna Tattoo Artist

Please Note

Event festivities advertised may vary from time to time due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you.

Shangri-La Springs is a pet-friendly venue but due to limited space in the main house, pets are limited to the outside grounds and deck.

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About the WILD LIFE featured artists

Ed Takacs

Black-crowned Night Heron by Ed Takacs

Artist Statement

I take great pride in producing works of art that are true representations of the wildlife that inhabit our world. My chosen subjects vary from the majestic animals of Africa to the delicate birds of Florida.

I range through nature with camera in hand, searching for my best angles with dramatic lighting. Armed with these reference shots, I create wildlife portraits aiming for as much authentic detail as possible.

Over the years I have learned to exploit whichever medium, (watercolor, oil or acrylic), best suites my composition. I mix the colors of nature on my palette and typically begin with the eyes of my subject. This gives me a sense of working with the animals while they peer at me from the canvas.


Ed's paintings are a celebration of wildlife in all forms. With a palette filled with the colors in nature, Ed paints his love and respect for the co-inhabitants of our world. With his great patience and extraordinary talent, his inner vision becomes a reality.

Working in watercolor, oil and acrylic, Ed has the luxury of using whichever of these mediums best captures the essence of his current composition. Painting subjects from all around the world like the majestic animals of Africa or the delicate birds we see all around us are sure to be featured in one of Ed's paintings.

Ed enjoys working in nature with his camera in hand. He looks for the right angles with proper lighting to capture his subject matter. Then once he has captured several reference shots he pulls them all together to begin his next creation.

Past Exhibits & Honors:

Society of Animal Artist 55th Annual Art and the Animal Traveling Exhibition – 2015
All Florida Juried Exhibition (Alliance for the Arts) – 2015
Bonita Art League - Annual Members Exhibit 2015 – Award Winner
Endangered Art & Photography Contest – Miami Art Basel
Bonita Art League - Annual Members Exhibit 2014 – Merit Award
ACSWF Biennial Spring Show (vonLiebig) - 2014
America's Parks Through the Beauty of Art – 2013 Traveling Exhibition
Paint the Parks 6th Annual Exhibition - 2012
Society of Animal Artist 52nd Annual Art and the Animal Exhibition - 2012
Art of the Animal Kingdom – Bennington Center for the Arts (VT) 2012
Charlie Awards Winner 2011 – Best Illustration – Association (Bronze and Silver)
Associate Member – Society of Animal Artists (May 2011)
Associate Member – Oil Painters of America (June 2011)
Art of the Animal Kingdom – Bennington Center for the Arts (VT) 2011
Florida Wildlife Magazine – Cover July/August 2010
Art of the Animal Kingdom – Bennington Center for the Arts (VT) 2010
Southeastern Wildlife Exposition 2008
Richard James Galleries – Annual Miniature Show 2008
National Parks Academy of the Arts – Arts for the Parks Top 100
National Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
Boca Raton Museum of Art – ADA World Exhibition
Federal Duck Stamp Competition
Western Waterfowl Exhibition at the San Bernardino Museum
Florida Duck Stamp Competition

Ed was born in 1952 and currently resides in Bonita Springs, FL.


Christine Reichow AWS NWS TWSA FWS

Wood Stork Family by Christine Reichow

Growing up in rural Michigan, Christine developed a love of nature. At an early age, her father taught her to observe the nesting birds and to identify their individual melodic warbling. The name of each tree, plant and flower became familiar to her as a result of her father's influence.

Christine was inspired by her mother, a life long artist, to study art and design. She chose to major in clothing and textiles at Michigan State University and created hand-dyed and hand-woven pieces using natural textiles. Upon completion of her studies, she continued to be an active member of the Michigan Weavers Guild and began painting on silk to create one-of-a kind clothing. Her unique "wearable art" was displayed in prestigious boutiques from Detroit to New York. She opened her own boutique in Howell, Michigan where she sold her pieces along with other artist's work for ten successful years.

Christine moved from Michigan to Florida where the wonders of nature inspired her to paint. With the ability to blend colors and create luminosity, watercolor became her media of choice to showcase Florida's natural beauty. "I strive to stir emotion. My desire is for the beholder to experience the serenity of a landscape, the splendor of a bird, the richness of a flower."

Christine is a Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society, Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society, Signature member of The Transparent Watercolor Society, Signature Member of the Florida Watercolor Society, and a member of the Southern Watercolor Society and Watercolor West.

Her art work has appeared in numerous magazines.

Covers of Watercolor Magic, Sunshine Artist Magazine, Florida Women's Digest and Natural Awakenings
Finalist in Watercolor Magazine's 2006 competition and North Light Books 2006 competition
Watercolor Magic's 2007 Online Competition both First Place and Honorable Mention
She has been featured in The Artists Magazine, Bonita Living, n Magazine and Passionate Brush Strokes/Splash
10 published by North Light Books.

Her work is showcased in collections at:

Shadow Wood Preserve Clubhouse, Fort Myers, Florida
Bear's Paw Clubhouse, Naples, Florida
Monarch Beach Hotel, Santa Monica, California

Christine's fine art can be seen at Tower Gallery on Sanibel Island, Naples Botanical Gardens, fine art shows and on her website.

Experience Her Passion

Ghosts by Leigh Herndon

Leigh Herndon

Artist Statement

In all my art, the observer is my utmost concern. In my watercolor paintings I strive to stir emotion. My desire is for the viewer to experience the serenity of the landscape, the splendor of a bird, the richness of a flower. The process of painting puts me in an altered state of consciousness that is meditative but exciting, mysterious as well as satisfying and always pleasurable beyond imagination. Using a variety of premium grade watercolor paints and 300 pound hot pressed watercolor paper, I apply many thin layers of diluted watercolor paint to achieve translucence and richness of color. Some paintings have between ten to twenty thin layers. My unique wash backgrounds involve a wet and dry method. Since the paper must dry completely between layers, a painting, using this technique, sometimes takes a month or longer to finish.


Leigh's award winning mysterious rozome paintings tell a story, evoke an emotion, or give an impression and lend themselves to metaphor, and sometimes ambiguity. By being atmospheric and not being too literal, the viewer is left to complete the story as desired or needed, based on personal experiences. Leigh does not try to be too representational, and although she likes imagery, it is just a starting place. One reviewer described her work as poetic.

Leigh Herndon works daily in her Naples studio dyeing silk using rozome (Japanese kimono design techniques). Silk accepts dyes more brilliantly than any other fiber fueling Leigh's experimentation with color and nature-inspired paintings. Rozome, or Japanese wax-resist dye painting, is infinitely more intriguing, much more flexible and painterly, and presents a new fluidity to the dye process which is captivating to Leigh and changed her creative process.

After learning traditional batik at the University of Montana, and obtaining a Master's Degree in Fibers at Southern Illinois University, Leigh studied rozome with Kiranada (Betsy) Sterling Benjamin who learned from the Japanese kimono masters, while spending sixteen years in Japan. Mixing her own dye colors from the primaries results in custom colors that can't easily be found elsewhere. Overlaying one transparent dye color over another creates an entirely new color, which she finds exciting. The versatility of hot wax used in creating the designs lends unique textures to the creations.

For Leigh the design process is a blend of planning, spontaneity, and experimentation with a great interest in the inter-relationship of edges of shapes within the designs. Frequently the process begins with a drawing on the silk, and progresses and changes with ideas that occur while working. This unforgiving medium doesn't allow for covering up one's mistakes, so some of the works are scrapped. Creating art is an exercise in problem solving and it carries into daily life with novel approaches to solving problems. She believes that art experiences are vital to children and adults, not only for personal expression, but for the lesson that there are many creative ways to solve a problem.

Leigh's award winning works and wearable art have been exhibited in numerous juried national and international shows and solo shows in more than 14 states as well as the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and her work is in several private collections.


No outside photography, food or drinks permitted on the property. Applies to all events.

Be Amazed

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