April 8 to June 6 – 2015

Featuring the fine art works of Peter Sargent, Renee Rey, Gene Masters Salerno.

ENLIGHTENMENT Art Opening and Reception

Meet the artists and view their work.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Wednesday, May 6, 2015
6-9pm FREE to the public

Enjoy the festivities in celebration of "WILD LIFE"
—Live Street Chalk Art by Jane Portaluppi Durand
—Live Music by Alchymie
—Community Drumming Circle - bring your drums, shakers and hula hoops!
—Community Yoga for the whole family
—Kirtan & Sound healing by "In the bhav project"
—Join us in celebrating ENLIGHTENMENT!

Please Note

Event festivities advertised may vary from time to time due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you.

Shangri-La Springs is a pet-friendly venue but due to limited space in the main house, pets are limited to the outside grounds and deck.


How do we represent enlightenment through visual art?

Shangri-La Springs in Bonita Springs, FL attempts to answer that question with their new show Enlightenment. You would think the work would focus on religious traditions but they decided to focus more on the feeling.

Through the works of Peter Sargent we travel into precise geometrics that play tricks with the eye creating depth and movement. His fine detail reminds one of the intricate balance that is attained in the works of sand mandalas. Could this be what Enlightenment feels like? Are geometrics a path to travel for visual meditation or mindfulness?

Renee Rey brings about the feeling of enlightenment by defying our expectations of how things should be. Flying figures and floating landscapes pull one into a dream state. Is enlightenment a dream state? Do we feel removed from this ordinary reality and find ourselves traveling in realms that defy reason and definitions?

And then there are the large mural-like pieces of Gene Salerno, with hidden figures in meditative pose and prayer within elements of nature. Is enlightenment best represented by a oneness with all that is natural to the point that we blend in and become less of an I and more of a WE?

Enjoy the exploration of visual enlightenment at Shangri-La Springs and meet the artists behind the works on Wed, April 8th and Wed, May 6th Free to the public from 6-9pm. Perhaps you will find enlightenment at the Community Drum Circle, Kirtan, Yoga, the live chalk art of Jane Portaluppi Durand or simply on these ancient organic grounds.

About the ENLIGHTENMENT featured artists

Gene Masters Salerno

Often people have asked me ; "What do you paint?". For the longest time I found it very difficult to answer in a way that could truly describe my work. Most of the time the closest I could get was: "I paint representational" or "I paint spiritual Ideas or concepts", but this really didn't explain a lot of the art work.

Recently I was watching a video about the great jazz artist Miles Davis and heard a comment made by Carlos Santanna (a great guitarist) that he used to describe Mile's music. He said that Miles Davis introduced the public to "Multi-Dimensional Consciousness". That description immediately resonated with me and I knew that it would best describe a lot of my art work. There is a often a lot that you can feel when you look at one of my paintings that isn't readily accessible through the intellect alone.

Also, a theme of "good vs evil" sometimes runs through-out a lot of my work. The search for enlightenment and striving for inner transformation have always been a source of interest to me. Using the tools of art; color, shapes, composition and symbols, I attempt to go beyond just the intellectual and try to communicate with another way of knowing.

"The greatest art is the art of enlightenment...inner transformation which leads to compassion and omniscient wisdom. Intellectual understanding is not sufficient. Enlightenment only comes about through leaving behind the coarser levels of consciousness and discovering the subtle mind of Clear Light which has been with us from the very beginning."
—the 14th Dalai Lama

Peter Sargent

Peter loves to draw and to carve. He was an architect in London before moving to Florida 16 years ago. Since then he has been prolific with pen and pencils – graphite and color. His chosen subjects for his realistic graphite pencil work range from wildlife to local scenes and he is regularly commissioned for portraits of people, pets and homes.

Peter has exhibited his drawings and sculptures in numerous competitions and art leagues in Southwest Florida. He has won awards at the Art League of Bonita Springs, Estero Art League and in Florida West Arts. His work has also been featured in Wildlife Art Magazine and recently in Spotlight Magazine. He teaches graphite pencil drawing at the Art League of Bonita Springs.

For the past few years he has also developed a wide range of geometric abstract drawings, drafted in graphite and then finished in freehand ink line and strong color – ink and color pencil. These drawings express movement and spatial depth.

These Op-Art abstract geometric drawings have been featured in Harbour View Gallery and can be seen currently in the Gallery at Prado and in the Kathleen Bradford Studio Gallery in Bonita Springs.

Renée Rey

Renée Rey was born in Sagamihara, Japan, hails from New York and currently lives and works in Southwest Florida. An architect of the enigmatic, Rey creates spaces that are fluid and ethereal with uncertain boundaries. Non-figurative and figurative imagery alters space and exposes positive and negative shapes that are not absolute. Balancing spontaneous mark making and drips of paint, with direct touch and with painting and drawing instruments, she constructs and deconstructs layers of bold color, rich texture, precise lines, organic images, light source, and lyrical language.

An award-winning artist, Rey's work has been exhibited nationally and is in collections worldwide. Her work has caught the attention of Erin Wright, Curator at Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA and Susan Welsh, Executive Director, Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA. The daughter of parents who encouraged learning, creativity, science, and business, Rey worked for years as a commercial and residential interior designer in New York City and Albany, NY, and studied visual art, design, film, computer art, and sound design at Parsons School of Design, State University at Albany, and as an MBA student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY.


No outside photography, food or drinks permitted on the property. Applies to all events.

Be Amazed

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