EARTH Art Show

December 10 – 2014 to January 31 – 2015

Shangri-La celebrates EARTH through the fine art works of Cesar Aguilera, Danielle Branchaud, Andrew McClure and Betty Newman.

EARTH Art Opening and Reception

Meet the artists and view their work.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Wednesday, January 7, 2015
6-9pm FREE to the public

Enjoy the festivities in celebration of "EARTH"
—Live Chalk Art
—Free Yoga
—Trunk Jewelry Show
—Live Music
—Free Butterfly Card Making
—Wine & Beer Bar

Please Note

Event festivities advertised may vary from time to time due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you.

Shangri-La Springs is a pet-friendly venue but due to limited space in the main house, pets are limited to the outside grounds and deck.

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About the EARTH featured artists

Cesar Aguilera

Cesar Aguilera

Cesar Aguilera

Cesar Aguilera was born in Quito, Ecuador. The art that he creates is inevitably connected with his life's experience and although his works reflect the dramatic impact of living in this age of transition to what is being called the new world of the Anthropocene epoch, they are deeply dependant on life for their meaning and relevance.

To achieve this he adapts the materials he uses to carry a narrative that is expressed in collective efforts of paint, mixed media, found objects and two or three dimensional alliances, where the meaning of the ideas being narrated is made to rest for the benefit of the viewer.

Life itself however, takes center stage in his practice the same as life is taking center stage in this age of the mass extinction and the prospects of the end of human history. His work then is not about what is wrong and who has done it, rather is about awakening to a new world, its challenges and the search for the culture that can prevent its demise.

About "Extraction" and "Deficit" Series

The "Extraction" series are a dramatic way to represent the boundaries between two facts of life which are relevant to us here in Southwest Florida and around the world. The facts are related to the rate at which extraction of natural resources are dwindling and the rate at which civilization is using them without real plans to respond to the conservation of those finite resources by an increasingly unsustainable global civilization.

The works in the "Extraction" series are examples of deliberate extraction (by bleaching out the original color of the canvas material) and replacement of the lost color with a positive image instead. The planned image on the works, add meaning to the delicate nature of extraction and deficits in our natural resources.

Visit Cesar online at:

Danielle Branchaud

Artist's Statement
"We as humans tend to be unable, or perhaps unwilling, to confront the raw heart of ourselves—the things that give us the capacity to experience pain, fear, love, and joy. It is truly a challenge to uncover our instinctual selves; and quite another to translate it visually. The goal of this series is to present raw feeling in a universal form through gesture and symbolism, and create a mirror through which humanity may find what dwells within themselves.

D. Branchaud has been working with acrylic paint since 2002, evolving in skill and ideology with each new piece. She studied art at the University of Central Florida, now working as a studio artist in Southwest Florida. She has been developing a series of work that explores the mystique and variety of human emotion, engaging in a passionate survey of feeling based on observation as well as personal experience."
—Danielle Branchaud

Danielle Branchaud will be unveiling a new painting from her Visceral series this December at Shangri-La Springs that reflects the theme of "earth" and mother nature.

Visit Danielle online at:

Andrew McClure

Andrew McClure

Andrew McClure

Andrew McClure was born in Martinsville, Indiana, studied at Purdue University, and currently resides in Bonita Springs, Florida. The love of nature that was fostered by his early life in the rural Midwest has never left him. It inspires his work and in turn, his work enables us to contemplate the beauty and mysteries that surround us.

The pieces he has created using Tillandsia (air plants) juxtapose elements from nature and repurposed objects. He carefully assembles them for maximum contrast of their textures. Then, in the miniature worlds he's set in motion, nature take its course to accomplish transformations of shape and color caused by the growth of the living elements.

Betty Newman

Betty Newman

Betty Newman

My pieces create conversations, reflection, a warmth in your soul. Everyone sees something different in them.

Betty was raised in Chicago as an only child. I would accompany my parents to their social outings. usually for them to play cards. Being bored and having no one to play with I would nestle myself in a corner of a room in the house. There I would draw whatever caught my eye. My first "exhibition" was first or second grade. It was a painting of a frightened girl in a movie theatre with her hand over her mouth. (Must have seen to many scary movies that year.) The art instructor announced that it was good enough to be hung in the MAIN (not the side) hallway of the school. I was hooked! People actually enjoyed my work. It brought a smile to their faces.

Betty Newman

Over the years I painted on all different types of canvas. That included myself. Hey! It was the 70's Flower Power. (I have to find that picture)

Currently Betty resides on Marco Island since 1993.

Artist's Statement
It's all about the journey. The painting leads me. If I use a color on another will it bring an inner joy? Will the texture I apply fascinate me? Let the painting take me on a wild ride of abandonment, freedom, and liberation from all the responsibilities life requires of me. My paintings evolve organically. Each layer determines and guides the next. My work is exploration and delight. I paint so that others may feel the passion in my work. I am eager for that connection. An archeologist may uncover a treasure. I create treasures of colors! Layer upon layer using trowels, brushes and my hands. I am enticed into how the different mediums and colors react to each other. Sometimes they crash and buckle, other times they blend and settle close to each other like old friends. Oil moves seductively about the canvas. Acrylics demanding to dry now! Each painting has a mind of its own. It tells me where I need to paint. You will find delights of hues and texture embedded in my paintings. I revel in the fear, self doubt and the courage to create the quiet moment that warms my soul. "It is done". A revelation of intent and surprise.


No outside photography, food or drinks permitted on the property. Applies to all events.

Be Amazed

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